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Security and suitability requirements

Protection of the sensitive personal and intelligence information entrusted to FINTRAC is a fundamental priority. The security and suitability of our employees is paramount. Therefore, all employees complete a rigorous security screening process. Obtaining and maintaining a Top Secret security clearance is a condition of employment.

Due to the nature of our work, we ask that if you apply for a position with FINTRAC, you use discretion when discussing your application with others (including on social media), and limit it to those who have a need to know such as your closest family and friends, and your employer.

Security eligibility

The entry-level security clearance for all positions is Secret. However, to be considered for employment, candidates must be eligible for a Top Secret security clearance to our standards.

To be eligible for a Top Secret clearance, you must:

If you have a criminal record or a past bankruptcy, you may still apply. However, the details and circumstances of your situation will be evaluated during the security screening process and may impact the outcome of your application.

Suitability criteria

Suitability is a validation of whether your personal character or conduct is consistent with the values and acceptable behaviours that enable us to meet our mandate and business priorities. Suitability criteria include, but are not limited to, factors such as demonstrated behaviours consistent with:

Security screening process

We may provide candidates with the security clearance application forms at any stage of the selection process. In anticipation, we recommend that you compile all your residential, employment and travel information from the past 10 years. As needed, you may be required to produce records relating to any period of time spent outside Canada for further assessment.

Our security screening process includes:

Documents you will be asked to complete include:

If you currently hold a valid security clearance with another federal public service organization, your clearance may be transferrable. However, you will still be required to complete the forms and suitability interview as we must apply our own rigorous standards.

Our security and suitability requirements are high, and our process is involved. However, both are necessary as protecting the interests of Canada and Canadians is essential to who we are and what we do.

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