2015-2016 - 4th Quarter

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Date Vendor Name Description Value
2016-02-01 St-Joseph Print Group

Other Business Services not Elsewhere Specified

2016-02-09 Excel Human Resources Inc.

Other professional services not elsewhere specified

2016-02-15 CSDC Systems Inc.

License/Maintenance fees for client software related to distributed computing environment (DCE)

2016-02-15 KPMG LLP

Accounting and Audit Services

2016-02-24 OnLogics Inc.

License/Maintenance fees for application software (including COTS) and application development and delivery software

2016-02-24 Gartner Canada Co.

Information technology and telecommunications consultants

2016-03-07 Accurate Design and Communications Inc.

Communications professional services not Elsewhere Specified

2016-03-15 Canon Canada Inc.

Other office equipment and Parts


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