Departmental Sustainable Development

Green Procurement Targets

Green Procurement Reporting for Departments and Agencies bound by the Policy on Green Procurement (PGP) but not the Federal Sustainable Development Act (FSDA).

Strategies and/or Comments

  1. Approach: The Department's approach to implementing green procurement.

    FINTRAC's approach to implementing green procurement is to target the use of Public Works and Government Services Canada's (PWGSC) consolidated procurement instruments, deliver green procurement training to functional specialists and to include green procurement objectives in the employee performance evaluations of key decision-makers.

  2. Management Processes and Controls:

    In order to meet Green Procurement objectives for the acquisition of Goods and Services, FINTRAC followed an approach that included using PWGSC's consolidated procurement instruments such as Temporary Help Services (THS), Task Based Informatics Professional Services (TBIPS), Software Licensing Supply Arrangement (SLSA) and the Mandatory Commodities Standing Offers (S/O) and Supply Arrangements (S/A) to meet contracting requirements, when possible.

    FINTRAC continues to apply the Federal Electronic Waste Strategy for disposal of all electrical and electronic equipment.

  3. Specific Targets:

    Bearing mind its security requirements, FINTRAC set a target goal of 90% of all purchases to be made using PWGSC's various consolidated procurement instruments, when possible. Of all purchases made using the consolidated instruments, 94% were made using green suppliers.

  4. Green Procurement Training:

    In order to further enhance and meet Green Procurement objectives, FINTRAC continues to use an internally developed procurement training module which includes considerations for Green Procurement. This training is delivered to employees on a regular basis. FINTRAC will continue to require that all new functional specialists take Green Procurement training within one year of hire.

  5. Performance Evaluations:

    To ensure environmental consideration objectives for all 2013–14 fiscal year procurement activities were met, FINTRAC included green procurement objectives in the performance agreement of the Procurement Team Lead.

  6. Progress Status:

    All targets were achieved.

1. Strategic Environmental Assessment

During 2013–14 fiscal year, FINTRAC considered the environmental effects of initiatives subject to the Cabinet Directive on the Environmental Assessment of Policy, Plan and Program Proposals, as part of its decision–making processes. As FINTRAC did not develop any initiatives that required a strategic environmental assessment, no related public statements were produced.

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